The Buddha's Last Words

Final Nirvana of the Buddha

One of the most difficult times in our lives is when we lose our loved ones. Death is an important matter in Buddhism and both crematorium and columbarium services are indispensable parts of KMSPKS.

The Buddha himself was subjected to disease and decay like us. Describing his own eightieth-year body as a “worn-out cart”, his once beautiful complexion became flabby and wrinkled and he had to endure severe pain and illness which he bore with mindfulness.

In the Maha-parinibbana Sutta, realising the impermanent nature of life and all worldly phenomena, the Buddha has advised us to work out our own deliverance by being heedful.

He also stressed on the importance of individual striving as no one can walk the path for us.

“Be ye a refuge to yourselves. Seek no external refuge.
Live with the Dhamma as your island, the Dhamma as your refuge.
Betake to no external refuge.”

The Buddha made no attempt to appoint a successor. “Now, if it occurs to any of you – ‘The teaching has lost its authority; we are without a Teacher’ – do not view it in that way. Whatever Dhamma and Vinaya I have pointed out and formulated for you, that will be your Teacher when I am gone.”

“Ripe my age, little is the life remaining to me.
Leaving you, I will go, having made a refuge for myself.
Be heedful, monks, mindful, virtuous.
With your resolves well-concentrated, look after your minds.”

Finally in his last word, the Buddha continued to stress on the importance of cultivation.

“Now, then, monks, I exhort you;
All fabrications are subject to decay.
Bring about completion by being heedful.”