Below are some guidelines to improve your 3-steps-1-bow experience before, during and after!

Before the event

  • Be vegetarian as long as you can before the event.
  • Wear comfortable clothings. Prefer track pants and loose T-shirt. If you have Hai Qing, you can use it too.
  • Footwear is not important if you would like to go barefoot during the walk.
  • You may want to bring along a small sport towel to clean yourself if you want.
  • Drink more water before coming to hydrate yourself.
  • You may wear knee guard if you want but not recommended (Unless you have injury).
  • Try to bring as little things as possible to the monastery on the actual day as these things will become your hindrance.
  • Come with faith to complete the whole event. If you have faith, nothing is impossible.

During the Event

Practise with Right Motivation and Mindfulness.

After the Event

Tell us your experience!



  • 活动前请茹素。
  • 穿舒适的衣物。宽松的衣裤为佳。若您已皈依也能把海清穿上。
  • 鞋子并不重要,因为大多数人是赤脚而行的。
  • 您也可携带小毛巾以清洗自己。
  • 多喝水以确保体内拥有充足的水份。
  • 若您受伤也能穿上护膝垫。
  • 避免携带太多物品来寺院,因为它将成为您拜山的阻碍。
  • 请以正信参与活动,因秉着正信,没什么是不可能的。