Bathing of the Buddha 浴佛

Most temples hold ceremonial bathing of an image of baby Prince Siddhartha placed in perfumed water with flowers on Vesak day. The perfumed water is scooped with a ladle and poured over the statue. This symbolises the purification of one’s unwholesome deeds with wholesome deeds.

多数寺院都会举行将悉达多太子的圣像置于充满鲜花及香水的盆里,用勺子掬起净水淋在佛像上,为佛沐浴的仪式。 这象征以善行来净化我们的恶业。

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Light Offering & Aspiration Making 传灯与许愿

The ‘Transference of Light’ reminds us to let the Dharma be our light and refuge in life. We should protect and preserve the Buddha’s teaching well so that it can continue to benefit  the world, for the happiness and welfare of many…


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May all be Well & Happy! 愿众生离苦得乐!